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Dear Industry Professional,


As a reader of Kenya Engineer, we are delighted to extend an exclusive invitation to visit the technology display area at the upcoming Totally Concrete East Africa conference taking place 29 – 30 October in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

This high level forum will not only include a conference but an intimate first-in-Africa technology display, and you will get to experience what is new in cement, concrete and construction technology.

Kenya Engineer readers will have free exclusive access to the display on Tuesday, 29 October between 10:30 am – 12:30 pm.   

Pre-register and confirm your participation. Click here link to the visitor page to pre-register and quote code: KEVIS01 to ensure you receive FREE access to the technology display area. This code is only valid until 10 October 2014

Some of the solution providers who will be on hand to discuss the latest innovations include:

Why you should take advantage of this FREE EXCLUSIVE offer?

·  Lafarge Tanzania

·  Twiga Cement, Tanzania

·  IBAU Hamburg, Germany


·  Concrete Trends, South Africa

·  Concrete.TV, South Africa

·  Touchwork, South Africa

·  ACCT, Tanzania

·  Aurecon, Tanzania

·  Cadex SA

·  Carmix, Italy

·  EFFCO, Tanzania

·  FLSmidth Ltd, Kenya

·  Freyssinet, South Africa

·  Meka, Turkey

·  Minesite Tanzania

·  NCC, Tanzania

·  Quality Motors, Tanzania

·  UNBS, Uganda

·  Wall-Ties & Forms, Inc, USA

·  Build your capacity: 
Source new and specialised skills and technologies for your business and access to the latest technology and innovation available for East African construction. 

·  Be first in Africa: 
Get up to date on the latest technology arriving on African shores, featuring the latest in constituent construction materials, concrete testing, next generation engineering and more. 

·  Impact the future: 
A diverse attendee demographic makes it even easier to share your passion for cement and concrete with the construction industry and ignite enthusiasm for the next generation of concrete technologists, architects and engineers.

Venue details

Contact the organisers

·  Hyatt Regency, The Kilimanjaro

·  24, Kivukoni Front, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

·  Phone: +27 21 700 4300 

·  Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Kind regards,


Tamsin Collins 
Education & Outreach Manager


PS: If you would like to upgrade your FREE pass to attend the conference. Click here and quote code KEDEL01. As a reader of Kenya Engineer you enjoy 15% off the registration fee!



Organised by:




East Africa has in recent years seen exceptional growth in the construction sector, particularly around the development of new houses, multistory buildings, roads and bridges. This trend has contributed to a surging demand for building materials in particular cement and concrete.




Swala Energy is seeking for intervention on a share return sold to Compañía Española de Petróleos S.A.U (CEPSA), Abu Dhabi firm over Kisumu oil exploration Block 12B which is being explored by Tullow oil Plc.

In March 2014, CEPSA farmed into Block 12B in Kenya and acquired 25% equity interest which it is obliged to surrender back to Swala in accordance to the Farm-Out Agreement signed between CEPSA and Swala.

In June 2014, Swala announced a joint venture and CEPSA committed to pay KES 660 million ($7.5 million) should it participate in the drilling of the first well in Kisumu. The agreement also stated that it was to add another KES 660 million if it was to participate in the second well drilling.

Swala Energy and Tullow Oil were to proceed drilling in the third and fourth years in accordance to the production sharing contract (PSC).

With Tullow’s first oil discovery in Northern Kenya in 2012, oil drilling in Kenya has greatly risen spreading to the counties.







Rift Energy Corp. (Rift Energy), a privately owned early-stage oil and gas exploration firm focus on east Africa, has announced that it is entering into the first additional two-year exploration program on Block L19 in Kenya after meeting or exceeding all contractual requirements of the initial two-year exploration program. Rift Energy is now obligated to either acquire 310 miles (500 kilometers) of 2D seismic or drill an exploration well during the next two years.

Farm-out of Block L19

Rift Energy is now considering farming out a portion of its interest to further fund and accelerate its exploration program within Block L19. The data acquired from the 449 mile (724 kilometers) seismic program has been processed and interpreted. The results have yielded numerous leads and prospects at various depths. A data room is now available for interested parties.

Fred Zaziski, President and CEO of Rift Energy stated, “The results of our 2D Seismic Program have been outstanding. Numerous leads and prospects at various depths have been identified. Through the geological and geophysical data we have acquired to date, we believe we have substantially decreased the exploration risk within Block L19, making it very attractive for a potential farm-out partner. As such, we believe we are in an excellent position to continue our exploration program on Block L19 and expect to commence an exploratory drilling program within the next 12-18 months."

The initial two-year exploration program required Rift Energy to acquire at least 621 miles (1,000 kilometers) of gravity and magnetic data, shoot at least 310 feet (500 kilometers) of 2D seismic data and to spend at least $100,000 on community projects.

Source: Rift Energy





The Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company losses water valued at KES 2.1 billion due to raging illegal water connection in low-income areas.

With Kenya Power having  implemented the use of prepaid digital water meters systems; there is need also for Water Companies to take up use of digital meters to save on water shortage. The water meters will solve the issue of cartels and paying huge bills of water experienced among consumers.

Digital water meters are an important initiative that will alert consumers and water companies on water leakages and later be able to identify where the problem is.

How it works

To access the system that works similarly to a prepaid electricity system, consumers will have to buy tokens either through mobile money, ATM cards or pay directly to water companies and load them into meters.

Once one loads credit into the meter, the valve opens and water flows.  In case of low credit or battery, the system will send a signal to the user. 

Merits of the system

The tamper proof and all weather meter alerts water companies and consumers in case of leakages helping them to troubleshoot where the problem is.

The meter can produce detailed reports for management, give maintenance schedules and prevent fraudsters from interfering with the water flow.

This technology will help companies get accurate bills and prevent water loss through leakages. This will later promote a balance of water needs among people in the urban areas against water providers.
The digital meters will be connected to water supplying companies and managed through a Meter Management Systems (MMS).

In August 2014, the Nairobi city water and sewerage company planned to review the water bill to ensure that water is available and affordable to all. The water company is now producing 550,000 cubic litres daily against a demand of 650,000 cubic litres daily.  The demand for water has risen greatly, which is a challenge in supply of water.

Once this technology is implemented, Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company (NWSC) will be at a niche in terms of provision of affordable and quality water.




Kenya's Engineering students will undergo three more additional years of mandatory training after their university education. This will prepare them for the Job market.


Eng. Riungu and Prof. Odira at Laico

By Brendon J. Cannon, Ph.D.


A dispute between Kenya and Somalia over their maritime border may affect offshore exploration for oil and gas by multinational companies in East Africa




Kenyan real estate developers have been urged to embrace Chinese innovation to meet the demand of housing in the country.

The Chief Business Officer of the Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB), Samuel Makome said Chinese building efficiency has been tested and proven for its effectiveness in industry-focused technologies.

"Innovation is not about something new, but what has been tried and verified. China has demonstrated that even with low-cost technology, it is still possible to come up with world-class architectural designs," Makome said in Nairobi.

He was speaking during the KCB Developers Club pre-trip briefing to China that will see a group of over 50 developers travel to the Far East country for a ten-day trip from Oct. 8-18 2014 to experience China's innovative world-class building technology.

The trip will focus on core themes currently in highest popularity across China, namely, building efficiency, intelligent cities and smart home, industry-focused technologies, and energy management.

The trip, during which the members will sightsee Shanghai and Guangzhou and also attend the 116 Canton Fair, aims at getting exposure to modern construction methods and to discover new building technology and building materials.

Members making the trip, the fifth expedition to China, are drawn from various sectors of the real estate industry such as developers, estate agents, architects, engineers, contractors, and quantity surveyors as well as those who provide complimentary services to the real estate fraternity, such as lawyers, valuers and building material suppliers.




Kenya Airways will unveil from 01st October 2014 a new and exciting baggage policy across its entire network that significantly increases free baggage allowance in all classes.




The High Court has revoked the KES 24.6 billion school laptops tender awarded to Olive Telecommunications this year. The court claims that this contract, awarded by the Ministry of Education, was done without set procedures from procurement stage to reviewing board.

The three-judge bench ruled that the tender for the supply of 1.3 million laptops be halted to promote equity in the tendering process.

Olive Telecommunications was to deliver its first batch of 400,000 laptops to Standard one pupils this year but this didn’t take place due to a file suit filed by Hewlett Packard (HP) against Olive Telecommunication’s tender win.

In August 2014, Rural Electrification Authority reported to have connected 15,157 primary schools to the national grid and was remaining with 6,065 to light for the project to continue.

Also REA

In March 2014, the Public Procurement Board cancelled the award of the tender to Olive Telecommunications, as the company did not meet requirements of the board.

Read also Olive Telecommunication tender cancelled




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    Exclusive invite for Kenya Engineer readers

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