SKF has extended its renowned Microlog Analyzer family of data collection devices with the addition of the Microlog Analyzer dBX. Currently SKF’s most powerful diagnostic tool, this cutting edge device redefines diagnostic capabilities, enabling users to take measurements three times faster than its predecessor. 

Empowered by SKF’s advanced analytic software, the Microlog Analyzer dBX revolutionises rotating machine maintenance scheduling, provides best-in-class information and unparalleled insights into rotating asset health. Its robust capabilities, including impact tests, digital recording, modal analysis, multi-plane balancing, and cross-channel phase analysis, make this feature-rich device the go-to diagnostic solution across diverse industries such as pulp & paper, food & beverage, renewable energy, mining, off-highway, metals, automation, and marine.

As a cornerstone of condition monitoring solutions, the SKF Microlog Analyzer dBX swiftly detects rotating machinery issues using the innovative MPA-in-a-flash method. Developed by SKF, this method ensures rapid, accurate data collection, setting new standards in vibration analysis. According to John Storm, SKF Connected Technologies Manager, MPA or Multi-Point Acquisition is SKF’s fastest vibration data collection method, typically three times faster than our previous Microlog series.

Equipped with a host of state-of-the-art technologies, including an embedded camera and a high-resolution 10.1-inch screen with up to six simultaneous measurement windows, the Microlog Analyzer dBX offers unparalleled user experience. Its hybrid touch and keypad control, along with simplified navigation, ensure seamless operations. Moreover, the device maintains backward compatibility with SKF’s proven Microlog CMXA Series, ensuring a smooth transition for existing users.

The development of the Microlog Analyzer dBX draws on SKF’s decades of experience and expertise in developing comprehensive condition monitoring solutions.  By optimizing maintenance processes, SKF empowers customers to enhance machine reliability, efficiency, and service life, ultimately boosting plant uptime and ensuring sustainable production and profitability.

In summary, the SKF Microlog Analyzer dBX represents a leap forward in data collection efficiency and diagnostic capabilities, empowering industries to achieve peak performance and reliability in their rotating machinery.


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