Mhandisi Sacco is the only Sacco for engineers by engineers in Kenya. The Sacco is designed to meet the needs of fellow engineers and as such understands the needs and aspirations of engineers. We are registered as Mhandisi Savings and Credit Co-Operative society Limited under the Mnistry of Industrialization and Enterprise Development. Our main purpose is to give engineers an opportunity to save and get loans at very low interest rates at 1 percent based on one’s own contributions.


We also understand the challenges facing the engineers, contractors, consultants both young and old in their development. As such we provide an array of products specially designed to suit the short and long term financial needs and obligations for the engineer through savings, investments, insurance, loans and pension services. We walk with you right from your early career days to ensure you get a strong financial start.

The loan products include:

1.Loans for development; this is granted at twice the amount contributed by a member, repayable in two years with a monthly interest of 1percent on reducing balance.

2.School fee support; repayable in one calendar year (January to December). 

3.Emergency loan; e.g. to clear a court fine, hospital bill, funeral expenses and other unforeseeable eventualities.

4.Services loan – to assist engineers carry out consultancy assignments.

The society undertakes to process the loans within the shortest time practical depending on the qualification fulfillment. We also offer saving schemes for important events like holidays and savings to withdraw for various purposes. 

We have a strong secretariat with qualified staff to handle your affairs with utmost professionalism and efficiency. The Sacco is all inclusive and has attracted engineers irrespective of where they work or they are.  (What about engineering technicians)

The Sacco constantly promotes the economic interest of members either jointly or individually through Joint investments which include buying shares in listed companies, unit trusts, treasury bills or operating fixed deposit accounts.  

The Sacco will soon register Mhandisi housing cooperative limited an outfit through which land can be purchased to develop real estate on behalf of members. We will also re-finance projects for our members depending with their needs and the nature of the projects. The loans will be secured by two or three members who shall act as guarantors as required by the act and by-laws. As such it is advisable to encourage your colleagues and friends to join with you. 

The Sacco provides a means of networking and corporation between engineers providing strong links with the Institution of Engineers of Kenya and other engineering and cooperative related institutions.

To participate in management and supervision, committees of the Sacco, one must be elected from the register of members during an annual general meeting. The registration into the Sacco is open to all engineering graduates from university, college, corporate and all engineers practicing in different fields e.g. engineering consulting firms and contractors, manufacturers and all government institutions. 

Being part of the Mhandisi Sacco is easy. It requires completing a membership application form obtained from our offices. It can also be downloaded from our website: Attach a copy of your national ID/Passport with recent passport photos.

Once completed, submit the application, together with the joining fee of KES 5,000/=. Monthly payments of KES 5,000/= can be made through the Bank Account, account name being MHANDISI SACCO LTD, the account number 01120162913000, Cooperative Bank upper hill. You can also make your payments via M-Pesa and Airtel paybill.  The minimum number of Shares sold to a member is 250 at 20 KES each. One can purchase as many shares as they can afford. Monthly contributions are not restricted either, one can save as much as they can afford.

Other professionals like doctors, bankers and accountants have already achieved success in their Sacco. Let us all join to strengthen our Sacco and take advantage of the unlimited investment opportunities we have as engineers.

For more information contact:


Phone: 0719675777 



Sacco news

The management and the supervising committee on 17th July 2014 went through training at the Nairobi club on efficient ways to run the Sacco. The training was facilitated by the ministry of industrialization and enterprise development. The training was focused on the responsibilities and virtues expected from the leaders of the Sacco. They also got tips on how to run the Sacco as a business to bear fruits for the members, keep the Sacco from external interference and keep audited reports.


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