Ethics and Anti – Corruption Commission Tender: standby power generator , Closing Date 30/10/2012    

D35 NB/NB 1201 JOB NO. 9720B

The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission invites tenders for the construction of Proposed headquarters for ethics and anti – corruption commission (EACC) broadly comprising construction of new three storey block, auditorium buildings, car park, mechanical, electrical and civil infrastructural works with covered area of approximately 13, 000m2 inclusive of basement and Terrance’s.
Interested eligible Main Contractors and subcontractors who appear in the current (2012/2013) contractors Register with the Ministry of Public Works as tabulated below (proof of current registration required before issuance of document) may obtain a set of tender documents form Procurement Office, located on the ground floor at Ethics and Anti – Corruption Commission offices; Integrity Centre, Milimani / Valley Road Junction, Nairobi, in person or against written application commencing 28th September 2012 and ends on 26th October 2012 between 9. 00 am and 4. 00pm on normal working days upon payment of non – refundable fee of Kshs. 5, 000./- for main contractors and Kshs. 3, 000 for subcontractors. The nonrefundable fee shall be paid in cash of banker’s cheque payable to Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission at the Cash office.

Tender No;1
Registration Category:main contractor A
Bid security Kshs; 9, 000, 000

Tender No;2   
general electrical works   
Registration Category;B or above   
Bid security Kshs; 600, 000

Tender No;3   
Description; EACC/T1/2012-2013   
data and voice communication   
Registration Category;C or above   
Bid security Kshs; 300, 000

Tender No;4   
Description; EACC/T1/2012-2013   
Registration Category;security system and access control   
Bid security Kshs.; 200, 0000

Tender No;5   
Description; EACC/T1/2012-2013   
Registration Category;E or above   
Kshs.60, 000

Tender No;6   
Description; EACC/T1/2012-2013   
Registration Category;standby power generator   
D or above   
Bid security Kshs; 170, 000

Nominated Subcontractors for mechanical related works

Tender No;7   
Description; EACC/T1/2012-2013   
Registration Category;air conditioning and mechanical ventilation   
D or above           
Bid security Kshs.; 3000, 000

Tender No;8   
Description; EACC/T1/2012-2013   
plumbing, drainage & fire fighting   
Registration Category;B or above   
Bid security Kshs.; 500,000

Tender No;9   
Description; EACC/T1/2012-2013   
waste water treatment   
Registration Category;N/A   
Bid security Kshs.; 100, 000

Tender No;10   
Description; EACC/T1/2012-2013   
Borehole drilling and equipment   
Registration Category;F or above   
Bid security Kshs.; 60, 000

Tender No;11   
Description; EACC/T1/2012-2013   
kitchen equipment and LP Gas   
Registration Category;E or above   
Bid security Kshs.; 80, 000
Only those meeting the following minimum criteria supported by relevant documents at submission of bid will be considered for further evaluation.

1. Must provide proof of ministry of Public Works registration as tabulated above and must appear in current (2012/2013) register.
2. Must provide a Bid Security in form of Bank Guarantee or Bid Bond from an insurance company approved by Public Procurement Oversight Authority (PPOA) in the amount tabulated above valid for 150 days from date of opening of tender for the amounts tabulated above.
3. Must meet all statutory requirements as per Public Procurement and Disposal Act 2005.
4. Must provide evidence of financial, personnel and equipment capability necessary for carrying out the works
5. Must provide litigation History (both court and arbitration cases) and satisfactorily complete confidential Business Questionnaire in tender documents. Wrong indication of litigation history may lead to disqualification
6. Must provide current Tax compliance certificate (including those of proposed domestic confidential Business Questionnaire in tender documents. Wrong indication of litigation history may lead to disqualification.
7. Must provide all information requested in the instruction to tenderers in the tender documents.
8. Must have completed a minimum of two projects of similar magnitude and complexity in the last five years
9. The main contractor must have a minimum average turnover exceeding Kshs. 250 million in the last five years.
10. Must complete declaration form contained in the tender documents.
Tenderers (both main and sub contractors0 no meeting the above minimum qualifications need not apply. Due diligence will be undertaken and will form part of the evaluation process. Prices quoted must remain valid for One hundred and Fifty (150) days from the date of opening tender.
Tenderers shall submit one original and One Copy of all tender documents clearly marked “ORIGINAL” or “copy” and packaged together.
Tenders in plain sealed envelopes, clearly marked Tender Number (as tabulated above) and bearing no indication of name of tenderers should be addressed to:
The Secretary / Chief Executive Officer
Ethics and Anti – Corruption Commission
P. O. Box 61130 – 00200
And placed in the tender box in designated tender room on ground floor – Ethics and Anti – Corruption Commission offices. Integrity Centre, Milimani or Valley Road Junction, Nairobi or sent by Courier services so as to be deposited in Tender Box not later than 30th October 2012 at 10:00 am.
All submitted bids will be opened publicly at Integrity Centre shortly thereafter in the presence of the tenderers or their representatives who choose to attend.
Any form of canvassing will lead to automatic disqualification

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