China has signed a deal to assist Kenya construct a 50MW solar plant, which could be one of the largest solar plants in Africa. The plant will be located in North Eastern part of Garissa. The project will play a critical part in boosting the area’s electricity supply and job creation, which will later reduce cases of extremism and terrorism. The source of funding for the solar plant is the Chinese Export-Import Bank which will provide a concessional loan to Kenya in order to complete the renewable energy project.


The solar plant project is likely to succeed due to Kenya’s strong influence in the East and Central African region. The project is still under plan and there will be a launching ceremony on site very soon. From the project, Kenya will benefit from China’s industrial cooperation with Africa.

Data from the Chinese embassy to Kenya shows that in 2014, bilateral trade between the two countries reached 5.09 billion dollars, a 53% increase from the year 2013. Chinese contract investment into Kenya in 2014 stood at around 600 million dollars, which represents a 10 percent increase from the previous year.

China is Kenya’s largest source of financing, largest construction project contractor and its second largest trading partner.

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