1. Choose the right specification

Thickness – The thickness of the tank is very important. It is always recommended to use thicker fuel transport trailers for sale, especially when transporting large amounts of fuel.
The thickness of materials used in construction is an important factor in determining the service life of your palm oil tanker semi-trailer.

Tank capacity – You can choose according to the storage tank capacity. This will depend on the amount of fuel you want to transport to meet your needs.
Our diesel fuel trailer for sale has different capacities, 20 cubic meters, 35cbm, 40cbm, 60cbm.

Petroleum trailers for sale tank shape – There are different tank shapes. These include round, oval, and rectangular.

2. Choosing between carbon steel and aluminum tanker trailer

Steel fuel trailer for sale is usually a stronger construction in terms of withstanding weight compared to those of aluminum construction. This is an important factor to note in your choice of the fuel tanker.

The steel option is cheaper compared to the aluminum semi-trailer due to the manufacturing processes involved. It is easier to manufacture with steel than aluminum.

On the other hand, aluminum offers the best fuel capacity by volume due to its lightweight. The main challenge with an aluminum semi trailer is the costs due to the complexities involved in welding aluminum.

However, if you are taking into consideration how much fuel to transport at ago, then this would be the best option for you. It will increase your cost efficiencies during operations.

3. What liquid you want to transport

Different liquids have different requirements hence the material used for building petrol, diesel and edible palm oil tanker truck trailer will be different.
Different liquids have different chemical and physical characteristics that go a long way into determining the choice of truck fuel tanker trailer for sale to make.

Petrol and Diesel – Petrol tanker for sale used in the transportation of petrol and diesel are usually made of carbon steel. A carbon steel semi fuel tanks for sale is a low-cost construction and most importantly, it is easy to process.

Cooking oil – This is usually transported in an aluminum tanker trailer because it can avoid contaminating liquids. The fuel trailer for sale made of aluminum is also of a big advantage when it comes to clean-out.
Again, the semi fuel tanks for sale body are completely encapsulated using insulation materials that help in minimizing the loss of heat.

4. The Price of Palm Oil Tanker for Sale

The petrol tanker price is composed of chassis price, modification price, and optional equipment. Different chassis, different engines, different national exhaust emissions, different tank volumes, and different indeterminate factors make up the price of the gasoline tanker.


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