The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IEEE) Kenya section hosted the IEEE Standards Association (SA) forum on October 6, 2016 at Nairobi Serena hotel. The forum’s objective was to create awareness in government and institutions on the essentials of integrating technology standards.

The IEEE SA is a leading developer of global standards covering a broad range of technologies and power and energy, computer technology, communications , transportation as well as smart grid, green technology and cyber security.

The interactive session was based on the topic ‘From Internet connectivity to renewable energy technology solutions for big challenges.

Making the first presentation was IEEE Director of Standards and Technology, Srikanth Chandrasekaran, who gave a brief introduction on standards development from technology incubation, to standard adoption and promotion.  He mentioned that there is great need to bring the global community on one platform by creating global policies that will aid in fostering partnerships and relationships with internet governance space.

Srikanth also invited government and regulators to participate in the observance of standards and when a new standard is being introduced into the market, a steering committee should spear head the implementation process.

IEEE Standards Association provides complete standards development and intends to collaborate with certain regulators like Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS), Communication Authority (CA) of Kenya and Strathmore University on the significance of standards in technology.

Glenn Parson also made a presentation on IEEE 802 networking standards. Parson mentioned that they are working on a proposal to provide a report on 5G network. The proposal will focus on cost and how to incorporate the network.

Moreover, Srikanth elaborated on IEEE Smart Grid technology which focuses on new sources of energy that will become more prevalent over time like thermal energy including heat and power plants, heat energy recovery systems and heat storage systems.

On his part, IEEE Kenya section chair, Humphrey Muhindi recommended that forums like this with different government institutions or even organizations will be arranged so as to have a better understanding of how they (organizations or government) can be part of the standards as well as the IEEE Standards Association either as individuals or as corporate members. This is offered at a discounted rate depending on a country.

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