Mr Njiraini said the authorities are working hard to curb invalidated vehicles – starting with the crack down on all unregistered vehicles on the road. He said the habit of transiting stolen vehicles out of the country is rampant and they were working with global authorities to curb the vice.

Mr Meja said the two State Agencies have come up with an electronic system aimed at registering vehicles to enhance their validation and security as well as ease the load of the owners registering through physical means.

The move comes after NTSA said the manual registration of vehicles will be replaced with a digital system starting June 13. The regulator says it will take a matter of minutes to register and transfer ownership of vehicles through the Transport Integrated Management System.

Acquiring car logbooks, which currently takes up to a month, will be easier and is expected to eliminate fraud and corruption as well as provide a single source of information on road and transport data


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