Kenya’s road construction agencies KURA (Kenya Urban Roads Authority), KERRA (Kenya Rural Road Authority) and KENHA (Kenya National Highway Authority) have been barred from constructing roads at county level.

This decision made by Transition Authority aims at eliminating wrangles or battles at the national and county levels.

Roads in Kenya are classified as either national or county.Agencies operating at the county level have been regarded as extraneous hence excluding KURA and KENHA from controlling county roads.

Kenya road network is 160,886 km long, out of this 61,936km is classified and the remaining 98,950 km is termed as unclassified.

This rule is set to be gazetted next week will see national government controlling  class A, B and C type of roads while class D,E and unclassified  by counties.

Ministry of Roads through KENHA and KERRA are in charge of managing roads in Kenya.

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