SKF offers a wide assortment of rigid pipes suitable for high-pressure oil injection applications where limited space makes pipe connection difficult.

“Our proven THPA range, which is an extension of our high-pressure rigid pipe line up, is ideal when there is insufficient space in the application for the usual connections with high-pressure hoses and quick connection couplings and nipples,” notes Eddie Martens, SKF Product Manager, MaPro.

“We recently added further versatility to our THPA range of rigid pipes and connection nipples, with the introduction of a straight pipe, THPA M12/D, to meet applications that require a straight connection,” explains Martens.

The smart design of the THPA rigid pipes ensures a simple, easy and fast installation process: The THPA rigid pipes can be connected to the application using the appropriate adapter nipple type G1/4 and G3/4 (with 400MPa (58 000psi) maximum working pressure) and G1/8 with 300MPa (43 500psi) maximum working pressure). Once the adapter nipples are screwed into the application, the rigid pipe is then connected to it with a swivel collar. The other free end of the pipe is connected via a swivel collar to a high-pressure quick connection nipple and a quick connection coupling and is finally connected, via a high-pressure hose, to a high-pressure pump or oil injector.

The versatile THPA rigid pipes can be assembled in a variety of ways, making it possible reach as many connections as possible, thus meeting a wide range of application requirements. They can be used with various nipples and connectors to suit individual applications.

Martens offers valuable advice to extend the life span of the rigid pipes and get maximum reliability: “The pipes must not be bent any further than as supplied because this could compromise its strength. We also want to make users aware that the high-pressure pipes have a recommended maximum life, as indicated on the pipe, and that the pipes should not be used beyond their stated lifetime.”

“Whilst the quick connection couplings and nipples are not part of the THPA range, we do recommend them highly to ensure a seamless, quality connection,” notes Martens and concludes, “Our high-pressure rigid pipe solutions are available from SKF as well as our country-wide Authorised Distributor network.”


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