As the country embraces itself for use of   renewable energy, Strathmore University has signed   a deal to sell 0.25 MW to Kenya Power, making the institution the first solar energy producer to inject its megawatt to the national grid. The university signed the Power Purchase Agreement( PPA) with Kenya Power on 15th of October 2015 to inject electricity to that national grid. The electricity injected will be at a price of sh12 per kilowatt hour.

Strathmore’s solar was connected to the grid in 2014 and injected a substantial amount of kilowatts to the grid free of charge. The institution had not yet completed the PPA with Kenya Power.Speaking to one of the dailies, Strathmore University Deputy   vice chancellor (academic affairs ) Izael Pereira Da Silva said “ We have been dispatching a good number of kWh to the grid without charging. The PPA is not reactive so we start now.” The electricity injected to the national from the university  will power close to 1,000 households in the country.

Kenya has high insulation rates with an average of 5-7 peak sunshine. Currently, the country is banking on renewable energy sources to meet its target of injecting 5,000MW to the national grid by the end of 2017.

Recently, the government through the Tana and Athi River Development Authority in collaboration with Ultra Clean Energy Solutions Limited and Hitachi India spearheaded a 49.6 billion solar project to be completed in the next three years. The project will be implemented in Kiambere and Tana Delta. The power produced is expected to be close to 320MW. 

In addition, the government signed a solar deal with Sky Power, A Canadian based firm for a 1,000mw solar project in July 2015.The 2.2 billion project was signed during the Global Entrepreneurship Summit.

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