Davis & Shirtliff, East Africa’s leading supplier of water and energy products, recently announced an exciting new partnership with diesel engine manufacturer Kohler. Kohler is one of the US’s largest private companies particularly known for its sanitary ware and petrol engine products who in 2007 purchased Italy’s industrial diesel engine manufacturer, Lombardini to add their range of respected diesel engines to the Kohler portfolio. Based in Reggio Emilia in central Italy and employing a staff of 600, Kohler Lombardini is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of small diesel engines with production of over 160,000 units per annum.

The range consists of both air and water cooled models in sizes from 10 to 100HP and they are internationally recognised for their state of the art technology. Davis and Shirtliff stocks a range of models specially selected for their suitability in African conditions and have also ensured good spare parts availability.

The Kohler diesel engines were recently introduced at a well-attended event at the Serena Hotel where the Principal Guest was Paolo de Berardinis, the Kohler Regional Export Manager. He introduced the features of the engines emphasising their excellent reliability and fuel efficiency and also announced the appointment of Davis & Shirtliff as their exclusive distributor for the region. Davis & Shirtliff CEO Alec Davis also spoke explaining the strategic importance of the engines to the Davis & Shirtliff Group, particularly for powering its extensive range of water pumps and generators, though also for general distribution to other diesel engine users. He also explained the importance of Kohler engines to the market following the demise of the previously popular Lister brand. 

Davis & Shirtliff are very excited about the potential for Kohler diesel engines. Their international reputation for excellent performance and good value has already been proved in the market, which combined with Davis & Shirtliff’s assured service support will ensure the success of the new partnership.

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