Egerton University is on course to get three of it’s engineering programmes accredited by the Engineers Board of Kenya EBK. According to the Dean Faculty of Engineering, Eng. Prof. Japheth Onyando, the university has complied with two out of the three conditions required by EBK and are in the process of complying with the third one.

Accreditation of engineering programmes is essential in ensuring that the standards of Engineering practice are maintained. Accreditation gives confidence to the regulator that the graduate Engineer has acquired the requisite knowledge and skills to practice the trade” Said Engineer Onyando.

Of the four programmes we offer only one, Agricultural Engineering, is accredited by the Engineers Board of Kenya (EBK). We are in the process of having the other three programs accredited. We have fulfilled a number of conditions towards accreditation of the three programs and we are yet to comply with at least one condition.” He Said.

The board has outlined three main requirements for accreditation. The first is that you must have a program that is approved by the board in terms of the naming and the course outline. Secondly, you must have requisite equipment to offer these programs in terms of labs and workshops. Thirdly, you must have adequate and competent staff to teach Engineering programmes.” He added.

We have complied with the first two conditions such that even though we are yet to be fully equipped, we partner with other universities to use their workshops and laboratories for practical work of our students. What we are yet to fully comply with is the third condition on staffing. It has proven quite difficult to get practicing registered engineers to take up the challenge of teaching but we are working on this and soon we shall be submitting our returns for the board to come and review and accredit us.” Concluded Prof. Onyando.

Prof. Onyando was speaking during an exclusive long ranging interview with the Kenya Engineer that will be published in the next issue of the magazine. Egerton University under the Faculty of Engineering offers four Engineering programmes with only BSc. Agriculture Engineering Accredited.


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