KenGen is set to boost power supply with construction of two additional 210MW of geothermal power. The State owned company has invited bids for design and construction of two geothermal plants of combined capacity of 210MW in the Rift valley region.This is the most recent addition to Kenya‘s intention to have 5,000MW of installed capacity to the national grid system in the next two years as most of the power comes from geothermal sources.

Currently, Kenya is continent’s largest producer of geothermal energy and exports energy generated from its geothermal wells in the Great Rift Valley region.

Meanwhile, Kenya Power has entered into an agreement to sell 30MW of electricity to Rwanda. Kenya Power, Rwanda Energy Group Limited and Uganda Electricity Company Limited have finalized negotiations to ease the trade.

The sale that is expected to begin in July 2015 will see interconnected transmission grid running and connecting Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. From the agreement, power will be conveyed through another entity’s transmission line network to another customer.

With this, Rwanda is set to improve its power generation capacity which stands at 160MW against a demand of 160MW.

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