The 10th Northern Corridor Integration Summit in the Ugandan capital, Kampala saw East African Presidents and their representatives’ sign a deal on cyber security to protect multi-million dollar oil and transport projectsThe Northern Corridor summit has also helped Uganda, Kenya, South Sudan and Rwanda review visa and ID card arrangements and focus on the construction of the standard gauge railway and an oil pipeline.


With a good supportive defensive system., investments made on  projects like railway and oil are guaranteed protection and in turn investors are rest assured that no terrorist can come in and destroy it.  In addition, to prove that Kenya is ready to fight cybercrime, Communications Authority of Kenya has partnered with International Telecommunications Union (ITU) for technical assistance to fight cybercrime in Kenya.  According to the treaty, the regulator will provide a project team of at least three officials to implement and coordinate the project on-site with ITU.

This agreement is a follow up on an initial pact between the regulator and ITU signed on February 2012, to come up with the National Computer Incident Response Team aimed at defending, identifying, responding to and managing cyber crime.
In December 2014, 77 Chinese nationals were arrested on Kenyan soil on allegations of cyber crime, operating private radio services and being in the country illegally. The authority believes they were preparing to hack the communication systems.

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