United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is considering establishing an African regional geothermal hub in Kenya to be used as a centre of excellence for the rest of the world. According to UNEP, Kenya has successfully embraced renewable energy sources making it an extra ordinary country in use of geothermal power in Africa.


Kenya is being considered as the main hub of the African region due to capacity building of geothermal technology which will help them share their best practices with the rest of the world. With government’s commitment in supporting geothermal technology through budget allocation, places Kenya at a good niche against other African countries in terms of geothermal projects.

Meanwhile, the government will next week launch the ‘Last Mile Connectivity Project’ (LMPC) intended to connect more Kenyans to power. The five year plan will ensure 80 percent of Kenyans have access to power compared to the only 35 percent currently connected.

The project aims at making power supply more affordable and accessible to remote areas and places the bulk of unconnected homes close to the grid. The project’s objective is to maximise the use of Kenya power’s existing 35,000 distribution transformers.

This is expected to reduce connection costs from the current average of Sh105,000 for homes seeking supply within a radius of 600m to a transformer.The LMPC is expected to place the bulk of unconnected households within a 600m radius to an electricity network. 

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