We live in a new era…An era where tips, tricks and DIYs (Do-It-Yourself) are the real thing. We are continuously striving to find ways to make work easier and hasten any process that we are going through.

We are living on the fast lane…ever in a hurry to accomplish our tasks. We no longer have the luxury of time for conventional classrooms that we can otherwise avoid or take longer routes that we have the ability to shorten. We need it done and we want it done now.
As such, we keep coming up with new ways of learning, traveling, transacting, or carrying out our tasks. These new ways are geared towards making our lives easier.

For architects, engineers, surveyors and other design professionals, one way of making their work easier has been in the development and use of modern design tools that are technology-driven. These tools- also known as Computer Aided Design (CAD) software programs- replaced the traditional drafting tools such as drawing tables, rulers, T-squares, and protractors- which were known to be tedious, tiresome and cumbersome to work with.
One of the most widely used CAD software program in the world is Autodesk® AutoCAD®- which was developed by Autodesk Inc many years ago. It is used by design professionals to carry out drafting, annotations, and modeling and animations tasks.

CAD programs are also used by students who are pursuing engineering, architecture or design courses at university or college to carry out their assignments. Indeed, it is now very difficult for graduates of these courses to secure employment if they are not proficient in CAD software programs.

However, to unravel the wizardry of these modern tools of design, users require relevant skills. And acquiring these skills presents exceptional challenges to both developers and users due to scarcity of competent training resources, use of voluminous training manuals and attending lengthy training sessions- which is usually at the expense of other beckoning opportunities.

Now, imagine having a software program that you just click on its tools and it INSTANTLY shows you, among other things, how the tool is used in a CAD software program that you have always struggled to use. That is exactly what SkyTOP DemosCAD- the demonstrations software for Autodesk AutoCAD- does.

Developed by SkyTOP Technologies Ltd and launched in Kenya in July 2018, SkyTOP DemosCAD is a skills-based software solution that lets students and professionals not only become passionate in CAD, but also work with AutoCAD software without the need for training.

The software- which is also popularly known as the ‘Demos AutoCAD’- demonstrates the tools and commands of AutoCAD software within an interface similar to that of AutoCAD thereby letting design professionals and students work with AutoCAD like CAD experts.
This means a person struggling with an AutoCAD tool is now able to seamlessly transit to DemosCAD to see how the tool is used and immediately return back to AutoCAD to continue with his design project. In other words, with DemosCAD, you will no longer struggle to deliver on your design ideas because you learn from the same software you work with.

There are many other benefits that DemosCAD brings to users including introducing users to other CAD software such as Autodesk Revit, Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk Civil3D etc and how these software programs work with AutoCAD to deliver even more fascinating results. There is even an AutoCAD gallery that gives users a broader view of the many things AutoCAD is used for Whether you are on past releases (AutoCAD 2012), or working with the latest version (AutoCAD 2019), SkyTOP DemosCAD® is able to progressively take you through the paces in order to keep you at par with your peers around world.

Whether you are using a desktop or laptop computer, a tablet, or a Smartphone, you can count on DemosCAD® to enhance your CAD skills at your own pace as a beginner, intermediate or an advanced CAD user. You can even work directly from the web using the DemosCAD web-based version.

With subscription choices ranging from as little as USD1.00 for one-hour to USD 100.00 for one year, you can rely on DemosCAD to overcome the challenges you have been experiencing with AutoCAD so you have room to deliver on your core objectives.

To acquire DemosCAD, you can download the DemosCAD App from Google Play store or login at www.demoscad.net.


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