Hydro power projects are generally categorized in two segments: small and large hydro. Small hydro is the development of hydroelectric power on a scale serving a small community or industrial plant. Small hydro can be further subdivided into mini hydro, usually defined as less than 1,000KW and micro hydro is less than 100kW. Micro hydro is usually the application of hydroelectric power sized for smaller communities, single families or small enterprise.


A local company, Kleen Energy Kenya is set to construct a mini hydro power plant in Embu County. The project to be built at Rupingazi River in Njukiri will produce 6MW of power and it will be the first project to be carried out by local investors in the county. The mini hydro project is a 3.4km canal project, started in 2008 and the power generated will be added to the national grid.

According to Standard Digital, the plant currently employs 50 casuals, and it aims at employing at least 20 people on permanent terms once production begins. “In addition, the plant uses modern technology in power production through the contractor BFL of India, which holds 65 per cent of all hydro power projects in India, while locally they were working with Rift Valley Machineries,” citing the Standard Digital.

In conclusion, renewable energy development projects are on the rise yearly as the government targets 5,000MW of power by 2017.

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