One of Samsung’s Mobile Vehicle trucks launched today at Sarit Center

Samsung Electronics East Africa has today flagged off four new fully equipped service trucks to improve access to high quality and efficient customer service. Speaking during the commissioning of the trucks, Samsung Senior Manager Simon Kariithi said “the service trucks will be used to take service to customers at their point of need. The trucks have fittings with technologies that can be able to handle mobile phone repairs with a capacity of three consumers at a time. The trucks will have five dedicated personnel including two technicians; two clients support staff and one system control handler to handle customer queries. Each of the trucks is air conditioned to help consumers interact while their mobile phones are repaired.”

Samsung customer care attendant services a mobile phone as Director Panna Music Centre Limited,Mr Sunil Chauhan, (L) and Samsung Senior Manager, IT& Mobile Division,Simon Kariithi (R) look on

Customers whose mobile phones will require more than minor repairs will have their devices dropped off at the nearest service center for attention and will be informed through a phone call when to pick them up.

“The premise will handle minor repairs on mobile phones and deliver a quick turnaround, allowing a customer to, for example, leave their phone at the truck, pop at a mall for shopping and later pick the phone an hour or so  later, added Samsung Vice President and Chief Operations Officer Mr Robert Ngeru “At the core of our business is not just innovation in technology, but supporting this innovation with a degree of after sales service that will ensure our customers remain loyal to our brand.”

Samsung service trucks will be stationed in major towns including Nairobi, Eastern, Rift Valley and Western Kenya.

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