Viscar Industrial Capacity, a specialist capacity building firm in Nairobi, has tailor made two courses to help Engineers upgrade their professional skills.

Project Monitoring and Evaluation training is a comprehensive training that covers the principles and practices for results based monitoring and evaluation for the entire project life cycle. This course equips participants with skills in setting up and implementing results based monitoring and evaluation systems including M&E data management, analysis and reporting. The participants will benefit from the latest M&E thinking and practices including results and participatory approaches to projects monitoring and evaluation. This course is designed to enable the participants acquire relevant knowledge and skills in monitoring and evaluating development projects. The course presents a robust coverage key elements of M&E system and infrastructure coupled with a practical illustration of M&E concepts.
This course is suitable for professionals and practitioners in the areas of action research: Project management; Development science; Corporate managers and decision makers who are responsible for project; Program or monitoring and evaluating strategic initiatives of organizations.

Registration for this course is currently ongoing and will close on the 26th of August. The training will be held between 30th of August and 2nd of September.

Women Engineers in Leadership course on the other hand targets Women Engineers. Women in engineering are uniquely placed. They face unique barriers. These barriers include stereo type and implicit or explicit bias. The bias leads to another barrier which is pressure to perform where a woman needs to be seen to be “twice” as competent as men. Other barriers which are related are misunderstood motherhood and lack of mentorship due to low numbers of women in the field. However, whereas there is this bias, there are also countless opportunities arising for a woman engineer. This course seeks to support women engineers to pursue their innate capacity to be leaders within and without the field of engineering. By acquiring this leadership skills, women engineers can better equip themselves to gain a competitive edge in emerging landscapes.

This course targets Women Engineers with at least 7 years work experience. Objectives of the course are to: Develop authentic leadership; Exercise positive use of Power Authority and Influence; Develop Personal mastery and high productivity; Demonstrate executive presence; Develop a complete change of Mind-set; Develop Courage and be able share their ideas boldly; Develop appropriate networks and allies that deliver value.

Registration for this course is currently ongoing and will end on the 27th of August. The training will be held on 1st and 2nd of September.


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