The financial world has everything for different types of investors. Whether it’s a cryptocurrency, betting at a bonus casino, or trading in the stock exchange, there has to be something that strikes your fancy. It’s no wonder that consumers are hell-bent on learning about how to increase their financial literacy in a bid to secure their financial freedom.

Enter the Kenyan Wallstreet. It is Africa’s first digital crowdsourced investment platform that integrates wealth management and financial literacy. In addition, the digital content platform that has been making waves in the financial world has recently launched Hisa App. The brand-new mobile app will offer investors trading on the NSE (Nairobi Stocks Exchange) a chance to experience various services.

Some mobile trading application services include access to real-time finance and business news, more than 300 commerce-related podcasts, and real-time stock market data. The Kenyan Wallstreet developed the intuitive mobile app in collaboration with Faida Investment Bank.

According to Chief Executive Mr. Eric Asuma, their goal with the new mobile app is “to improve financial literacy and make the whole investing process simpler through a social feed designed to make it possible to follow other investors and domain experts, see what they are investing in, exchange ideas.”

The mobile app for trading is available for both iOS and Android users, but is still in Beta. The Kenyan Wallstreet announced news of the public beta launch for the Hisa mobile app in February of this year. Kenyan Wallstreet attributed their successful private Beta to early users of the mobile app and the valuable feedback and support they provided.

The digital platform reported that one of its objectives was to be as inclusive as possible. Their public Beta was the first step in helping investors make more informed decisions. Here are some of the most notable features of the Kenyan mobile app:

Real-Time Stock Market Data
Version 1.0 of this Kenyan mobile app offers user’s free access to real-time stock data as listed on the NSE (Nairobi Stock Exchange). According to the mobile app creators, they plan to add more asset classes and markets to improve the app.

Real-Time Business And Financial News
Version 1.0 guarantees access to real-time news of the financial and business news obtained from leading digital publications, including Kenyan Wallstreet.

User Generated Feed From The Mobile App
Not many people understand the complexities of the stock market. This mobile app aims to facilitate financial literacy and simplify the investment process for users through a social feed that allows users to follow domain and investment experts. It also allows the exchange of information between like-minded users.

Over 300 Podcasts
Kenyan Wallstreet has built a mobile app that allows users to access more than 300 episodes of their podcast. Topics are finance and business-related and range from personal finance to investing.

Tech-savvy Kenyan investors are in for a sweet treat with this mobile app from Hisa Technologies. There are bound to be more improvements with upgrades to the app that users will enjoy. It’s time to download the Hisa App. But what are you looking forward to seeing from it?


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