Apex Steel, manufacturers of deformed bars organized a seminar on November 18, 2016 to inform its customers and engineers on the invention of its new technology in steel to improve construction and building.  The main agenda of the workshop was to build connections and inform its audience on the company’s introduction of couplers bars technology into the market.

Apex Steel Limited is a leading steel manufacturing company, which manufactures steel that contributes to sustainable construction in the built environment.  The company produces steel that go hand in hand with Kenya Bureau of Standards requirement in Kenya and have a tensile strength of Grade 460.The deformed bars being manufactured by Apex Steel are consistently of Grade 500+ (British Standards BS: 4449).

According to Apex Steel Commercial Director, Mr Bharat Rao the event came at a very critical time when sky scrapper buildings are coming up and more efficient and effective technologies need to be embraced to save resources. Commenting on the advantages, Rao stated, “The bars are viewed as an efficient and better alternative to old overlapping steel when building high rise structures. It also minimizes the transfer of weight or load from top to bottom or head to head, which is different from the usual overlapping steels where space is limited.  Additionally, couplers are safer on site and they create easier movement.”
He also announced that the concept is already in Kenya and contractors and architects have welcomed the move positively. “As Apex, we take pride in pioneering the delivery best solutions in the market,” said Rao.

During the workshop too, there was a presentation done by a representative from Dextra. A company that designs and produces construction tools in Paris with local presence too. It supplies contractors with mechanical slice, engineered bar systems and fibre glass. The interactive session presented the benefits of using couplers vis-vis overlapping bars.

One of the advantage was that it enhances mechanical performance, solve technical issues like congestion and reduces cost for connecting rebar above specific diameters depending on steel price and overlapping length. Lastly, it increases productivity and reduces crane time.

Recently, the Ministry of Industrialization and Enterprise announced that they are in talks with two foreign investors who have promised to inject KES203.6bn into the country’s steel industry.

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