I can fly and sail in my car………..
The future of automotive industry is taking shape pretty fast. Good news to the resident of Nairobi when they realize that they can actually fly over the traffic jams and to Coastal residents that sailing past a broken down Ferry is indeed a reality.

Car manufacturing just like any other sector has seen rapid technological growth. We now have more efficient and effective machines from a simple four cylinder engine to six cylinder engine, turbo-charged to supercharged engines, diesel engines to hybrid engines using both fossil fuels and electric energy. Every car manufacturer is investing in Research and Development to respond to the changing Market trends.All you need is to invest in is a modern car, the amphibian car and or the fly car.

The amphibian car will do very well in the lake side. Not exactly for fishing but for traveling to the other side for work. But you can always pick a few fish on your way home, you just ensure you have a fishing rod packed in the boot and some baits. At the Coast as well, it will do marvelous. No more having to travel in fear of a breakdown in an overcrowded ferry. Or better still, no more waiting for ages until the bridge in your area is fixed. You will not need it anyway. It is designed to travel on both land and water.

This car, commonly referred to as the amphicar was a German invention back in the World War II.It was designed for traveling during the war time. Much has however been done today with improved technology so as to modernize the car. It has picked much popularity in France as well as in most parts of the world. The innovation of this car was triggered by the need to increase the capability of a land-vehicle. They wanted the already existing land-car to do more than just land transportation and thus the amphibian car was then innovated.

This type of car has in the recent times been fitted with new technology unlike the first cars making them safer and easier to drive. They are able to travel at very high speeds on both water and land. They are set in a way that they change according to the ground they travel on.

This car is fitted with propellers that propel the car through water. The car dubbed Rin speed Splash -proclaimed as the fastest amphibian vehicle ever built, utilizes hydrofoil technology, allowing the body to be raised out of the water. It’s able to reach 80 kilometers per hour on the water and as a sports car 200 kilometers per hour on the road. Another one of the fast amphicars is the Aquada from the Gibbs Technologies. It reaches a maximum speed of 160 kilometers per hour on land and a maximum of peed of 55 kilometers per hour on water.

The flying car, this type of car exists and is with time gaining a lot of popularity. Think of how much time and money can be saved if traffic jams were avoided. Or say how easily one can access some places that are normally hard to access with normal cars. You need not dare to drive over some really muddy places, just fly over them and drive on once you pass them.

One of the innovations under this type of car is the Transition. It has fold-able wings which retract when it is on the road. The Transition has a wingspan of 26 feet that tucks in and out with the push of a button, altering between a flying machine and a car within 30 seconds. With a full tank, the car can fly for 460 miles at the speed of 110 miles per hour.

The next big thing could be a multipurpose car, this will be able to move on land, sail in water and fly in the air.



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