Primary Business Objectives
Biobox is an African owned OEM & Turnkey Contractor, providing a range of total water cycle Management solutions. Although specialised in packaged sewage systems, Biobox is well equipped to provide design and construct services for larger projects. Our unique company focus, together with the dedication and commitment of our staff, distinguishes us from other firms offering services in this field. Design engineers are also certified wastewater treatment plant operators, adding an operational perspective to each project.

As wastewater treatment, filtration and combined options have become key elements of water resources planning for Sub-Saharan- and Eastern Africa, we recognize the need to provide the following areas of support to our Clients:


  • Align technology with site-specific requirements;
  • Facilitate tailored financial solutions;
  • Design & deliver integrated systems;
  • provide life cycle services & technical support.

By continually researching evolving technologies and adapting them to new applications, Biobox designers are well prepared for the challenges of meeting increasingly stringent regulatory criteria with cost-effective, innovative solutions that are tailored to each client’s specific needs.

Biobox’s turnkey solutions cover sale & product support, project management, engineering design, environmental solutions, site infrastructure construction, systems integration & commissioning and through-life support services.

Biobox offer water technologies that deliver complete solutions for controlling the effects on the environment by managing wastewater, maximizing the use of reclaimed water and generating alternate water sources. We deliver the following point-of-source & municipal process capabilities:

  • Domestic & municipal sewage treatment & reuse;
  • Commercial & industrial wastewater treatment & reuse;
  • Water and/or wastewater pumping solutions;
  • Potable grade water treatment.

Strategic alliances with like-minded companies complementing the Biobox organizational goals are critical in developing and expanding the capabilities of both Biobox and their partners. Biobox has a proven record in successfully delivering multi-disciplinary projects, and can offer a full service package in response to client needs.

Core Products
Enpura™ – The Biobox Enpura™ is an aerated Fixed Film domestic effluent treatment plant for residential and commercial applications ranging from 3m3 – 320m3 per day.The Enpura™ features a simple, cost effective on-site sewage treatment solution.

MobiSewer™–  The Biobox MobiSewer™ is a containerized Fixed Film domestic effluent treatment plant for residential and commercial applications ranging from 10m3 – 60m3 per day. This system would typically be employed in temporary applications such as military-, construction & relief camps. The MobiSewer™ features a truly mobile solution.

MobiSewer™ MBR – The Biobox MobiSewer™ MBR is a containerised Membrane Bioreactor waste water treatment plant for residential, commercial & industrial applications ranging from 10m3 – 150m3 per day. The MobiSewer™ MBR features failsafe Microfiltration technology with Barrier3 disinfection.

SBR – Utilising an activated sludge process, the Sequential Batch Reactor has proven to deliver robust and costeffective treatment of sewage from large communities typically ranging from >300m3 per day.

MBR – Extending the SBR process, the Membrane Bioreactor provides a sophisticated biomass separation solution during waste water treatment to decrease the overall footprint of the system whilst providing a consistently superior final effluent quality fit for non-potable reuse.eaturing Barrier3 Disinfection, Biobox MBR-systems utilise the MBR, UV, Chlorine and/or Ozone disinfection to provide the safest and most reliable technology currently commercially available for effluent treatment.

Hybrid Technology –  Utilising a combination of bio-mechanical and natural processes, Hybrid systems allow for simplified, low maintenance domestic sewage treatment, often in remote locations, where energy and operational skills are limited.

Ultrafiltration (UF) – Biobox utilises Ultrafiltration membranes for final polishing of preconditioned sources.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) – Through strategic alliances, Biobox are investigating tailor-made RO systems for water treatment.

Core Competencies
Drawing & Documentation-Computerised facilities for preparation, review and revision of drawings and documents for manufacturing and project management purposes.

Mechanical Engineering & Design – Expert design for all equipment in our productionprogram. Professional mechanical-, structural- and civil engineers with many years experience in the water industry.

Process Engineering – Expert design from concept and implementation of process flow requirements. Our associate process experts have extensive experience in the treatment of water, waste water and industrial effluents.

Electrical & Instrumentation – Biobox has experience in the design and implementation of electrical and instrumentation control systems. Biobox contracts specialist design to highly qualified electrical- and electronic engineers who are industry leaders in the application of hard wired and PLC controlled processes.

Project Management –  Fully developed procurement, material handling, scheduling and expediting systems are in place. These processes are backed up by a custom-developed networked computer system.

Manufacturing – A fabrication facility of 600m2 under roof (with a further 1,800m2 under roof available at short notice). A full range of manufacture, design and assembly tooling for in-house manufacture, assembly and engineering. 3-ton static and mobile lifting facilities. In-house painting facility. Qualified artisans and skilled-labour for manufacture.

Quality Management – System Formally documented and implemented company policies and procedures assuring an effective quality management system. Quality is prioritised and strictly implemented within the work structures and systems utilising our ISO9000 policies.

Health and Safety Management System – Biobox is totally comitted to the Health & Safety of all project engagements. Every project is carefully reviewed to ensure that all Health & Safety considerations are taken into account.

Installation & Site Work – Fully equipped and trained site installation teams with a large range of vehicles, tools, plant and equipment to undertake project commitments. Utilising strategic alliances are fundamental in the implementation of projects.

Commissioning & Operations – Formalised commissioning and training procedures are undertaken by our experienced and professional staff. Maintenance and operations with manuals and documentation is provided and undertaken with formal system implementation.

Member AssociatMions

Biobox is a member of the following associations:-

  1. WISA Corporate Member of the Water Institute of South Africa
  2. GBCSA Corporate Member of the Green Building Council of South Africa
  3. IOPSA Member of the Institute of Plumbing of South Africa
  4. Eco-tourism Kenya Member of Eco-tourism Kenya – Promoting responsible and sustainable ecology


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