Huawei, Hardware installation training
Huawei, Hardware installation training

ICT remains an integral part of the economy today and staying abreast in terms of emerging technology is key especially with the ever changing requirements in the growing job market and ICT industry as a whole. It is a key to enabling more efficient delivery of government services and for economic growth across all sectors and is a core driver for productivity and efficiency across all sectors and crucial to success in the knowledge economy.

With this regard Huawei has offered training to 120 beneficiaries of the PDTP cohort 2 in a bid to enhance the ICT talent among the trainees .In addition to the training, 40 trainees have completed their private sector attachment at the organization since the programme commenced while an additional 10 have received HCNA certifications.

The trainees will undergo an intense 2 day wireless technology training on LTE and WCDMA at the Huawei training center. At the end of the training the group will be able to understand the Basic principle of LTE ,air interfaces, LTE/EPC network architecture ,Huawei eNodeB product family and applications ,Basic operation about Huawei eNodeB among others.

“The developed economies are currently onto 5G ,and as Kenya progresses towards up scaling from 4G we need to be prepared by up-skilling hence we are grateful to Huawei for offering this opportunity .” said Nyakundi Kevin one of the beneficiaries of the programme.

Broadband in Kenya has transformed over the recent years as a result of the landing of the four fibre optic submarine cables combined with increased network upgrades by key network service providers .Majority of the broadband connections are made via WCDMA/third generation 3G) mobile networks whilst also using the Long Term Evolution (LTE ) that has been growing rapidly countrywide since 2014 alongside the growth of mobile radio digital technologies. Huawei has been on the forefront working with local service providers to rollout the technologies in the country.

Huawei is keen on knowledge transfer and nurturing of talent and our well equipped training center has trained over 4500 individuals from different sectors and within different capacities including employees, customers, contractors and students across the East African region. It aims to build ICT skills amongst key players in the ICT ecosystem in the region in order to drive the ICT industry and the countries’ digital transformations, as well as enhancing Kenya’s leading role in East Africa.


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