Extracted from Civil Engineers (kenya)

The Contractor shall allow his contract price for his compliance with the requirements of this section and for all other things necessary to complete the required excavation and earthworks. The Contractor will allow and be responsible for making all necessary temporary works complete and safe for the purpose of supporting the excavation. In this respect, the Contractor will conduct site investigations, prepare adequate designs, make statutory submissions, construct, test and monitor and subsequently remove all necessary temporary works to the satisfaction of the Engineer and/or the local Authority.

The Contractor’s method of construction shall comply with the more severe of either statutory limits imposed on lateral and vertical ground movements, construction noise, vibration and air pollution levels, or such limits  necessary for the adequate protection and proper functioning of neighboring roadways, buildings and their facilities. The Contractor’s compliance with these limits shall not relieve him of his sole responsibility for all consequential damages to adjoining structures, roads and other properties caused by excavation work.

The Contractor will excavate to the required lines, levels and grades to meet the requirements of the Works and cart surplus excavated material off the Site. The Contractor will protect the exposed faces of the excavation with approved materials and lay all slope protection in proper and timely sequence to suit his method of construction.

The Contractor will take all necessary steps before the commencement of excavation or earthworks to verify and supplement the soil report and any other information provided at tender, to the extent that is required in his method of construction.

The Contractor will conduct pre-commencement site investigation to establish the locations and levels of all existing underground utilities within and surrounding the Site that are affected by the excavation or earthworks, and take all necessary steps either of a temporary or a permanent nature to protect, divert or shut off the affected services to the satisfaction of the local Authority.

All designs, shop drawings, specifications, sequence and schedule of placement of temporary works will be certified by the Contractor’s Professional Engineer. Certified copies of the same will be extended to the Engineer for record purposes. The Contractor will submit the part or the whole of such certified design, drawings and specifications that is necessary to secure from the local Authority the required clearances and the statutory permit to commerce excavation and earthworks. In this respect, he will comply with any other statutory requirements pertaining to temporary works which may be imposed from time to time in the course of Works.

Upon completion of construction operations, the Contractor will remove all temporary works to the satisfaction of the Engineer and/or to the requirements of the local Authority. He will obtain approved fill material, transport, deposit in voids between the face of the excavation and the permanent structure, and compact to the required lines, levels and grades required for the satisfactory completion of the excavation and earthworks. The Contractor may, with the consent of the Engineer, use surplus excavated material as fill provided the material meets the requirements of these specifications.

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