Davis &Shirtliff (D&S), Kenya’s leading Water and Energy equipment provider, have brought together some of the world’s leading German solar equipment companies for a Solar Seminar to focus on the technology of Solar Power Electricity Generation for both off and on grid applications.

The event is being held at the company’s Head Office complex in Nairobi’s Industrial Area on 8th and 9th May. This follows on from D&S’s partnership announcement last year with the world’s leading producer of inverters, Germany’s SMAand they will be joined at the Seminar by three other German companies – Solarworld, manufacturers of PV solar panels,Hoppeke, the largest producer of industry battery systems in Germany and Schletter, renowned manufacturer of professional solar mounting structures. These companies together provide the key components for Solar Power generation systems.

The two-day event will include a full day technical training for D&S sales and engineering staff, whilst the second day will consist of awareness sessions for key customers and industry players including engineers, consultants, property developers and solar financing companies .

Over 1.5 billion people worldwide live without access to electricity. For people without access to the electrical grid, solar energy is the most cost-effective source of electricity.  While the investment costs of solar equipment can be marginally higher than conventional generators, the long term operating costs are minimal with no fuel and minimal maintenance costs. Also, where grid power is available there is an increasing awareness of the ecological and cost saving benefits of solar generated power to supplement regular consumption. 

Speaking on the eve of the event, Davis &Shirtliff’s Chief Executive Officer, David Gatende said “Being situated at the equator, Kenya’s strategic location makes it perfect for solar solutions.  The solar industry has huge potential and solar equipment prices have been falling steadily over the years. With these partnerships, we will carry significant stocks of products from these companies to make them readily available to local and regional markets”.

“German technology is amongst the most advanced in the world, and we believe that their superior quality will pay off in the long term” he concluded.

Bringing together the world’s most reliable solar product manufacturers will build Davis &Shirtliff’s solar solutions capacity and benefit this growing sector in the region.  Davis and Shirtliff has a strong regional branch network in eight countries.


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