The Energy Regulatory Commission(ERC) has urged Kenyan Engineers to take the lead and help the Kenyan government realize it’s Big Four agenda and improve the life of Kenyans.
Speaking at the Engineers’ Dinner hosted by the Institution of Engineers of Kenya(IEK) at the Intercontinetal Hotel, Eng. Joseph Oketch told Engineers that there were enormous opportunities and roles to play by Engineers for each of the four agendas.

The big four Agenda as outlined by President Uhuru Kenyatta as a priority for his administration comprises of Manufacturing, Food Security, Affordable Housing and Universal Health Care. “If you check on all these, the contribution of Engineers is very prominent.” Said Eng. Oketch. “If we talk about universal health care, we can’t achieve it without Engineers setting up facilities infrastructure to support this. If you talk about manufacturing, then 80% of that sector relies on Engineers. If we talk about Food Security then we know there is a lot of input needed from Water Engineers.” Added Eng. Oketch.
Eng. Oketch who was speaking on behalf of ERC’s Director General said his organization was eager to see the country’s Energy Consumption go up.

“A lot of people associate us(ERC) with an increase in petroleum prices or Electricity prices. But we do much more, most critical is that we do Energy planning for this country and the figures we currently have for our Energy consumption as a country are a little embarrassing.” Posed Eng. Oketch. “Let us take the big Four Agenda as an Agenda for Engineers of this country to make a contribution.” He added.

Eng. Oketch further gave a commitment that ERC will continue partnering with and supporting the Institution of Engineers of Kenya. “Together with our utilities, we want to facilitate Engineers to make sure that we realize the Big Four Agenda. So when you are doing the projects you do, they will add to what we call Power Demand Growth in this Country”. Said Eng. Oketch. “Because at the moment we have many proponents of projects to bring energy generation in this country but we can never bring it because there is no demand.” He added.

The Engineers’ Dinner was hosted by the Institution of Engineers of Kenya and sponsored by the Energy Regulatory Commission.

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