Ladies and gentlemen, I’m pleased to be with you today as we commemorate first 100 days of new officials at the helm of our professional body.

I truly believe that these 100 days have been full of exciting and great opportunities to navigate the Institution to greater heights.

First i take this opportunity on behalf of all IEK officials to thank you for your support and your commitment to the Engineering fraternity. This has enabled us to have a smooth transition and focus on delivering our mandate as officials.

During the first 100 days, we have embarked on membership drive on which we have seen 170 persons register with the institution in different capacities and categories. These include 32 corporate members, 100 graduate members, 38 members referred to professional review board, and four student members registered. We welcome the new members as we continue to tirelessly increase our membership.

In our quest for visibility we have established the Advocacy, Publicity and Journal committee which has already received applications from members and in due course it will be fully constituted.

During the first 100 days, the committee have been updating the engineering fraternity in the country through the IEK Website on current activities being undertaken by the council on practice.

We have also been able to update the membership checker service which enables the members to know their particulars and status online.

Ladies and gentlemen, in the first 100 days we have initiated the process of developing the institution’s Strategic plan to run for the years 2019-2023. We have been able to develop the terms of reference for the engagement of the consultant. The strategic plan will guide the institution on delivering it’s mandate.

During the 100 days we have been able to initiate the process of Constitution review. We have also received requests from several members to be part of the constitution review. The names of the members will be reviewed, approved and communicated after this month of August.

Good people, during the first 100 days we have been able to re-launch the benevolent fund and any member who had paid for 2016 is eligible to benefit from the fund.

We have also engaged two interns at the institution to assist in managing these activities thus increasing the staff of the institution by 40%.

In conclusion, I request all of you for your continued support and also call upon all of us to join the government effort in the fight against corruption. This will go a long way in spurring economic and social development having in mind the values and roles that an Engineer plays in building a prosperous society.

We thank you again for having faith in this team and we are looking forward for a brighter future in the coming days of the fraternity.

May God bless IEK and God bless Kenya!

Eng. Collins Juma
President, Institution of Engineers of Kenya.

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