Over the past 26 years, Warren Concrete (K) Ltd has emerged as a leading industry player in concrete and manufacturing. What started as a small family business with just two machines, 25 people and capital of Sh7.5m, has now grown into a regional company with an  annual turnover of Sh400-460m and over 150 employees.

Warren, which has a wide range of products, including concrete pipes and roofing tiles, was originally a department in the larger Warren Kenya, which mainly dealt in concrete pipes, fabricated steel structures, and steel tanks.
“Warren Concrete business was bought by my grandfather, Mr. Devshi Dhanji Patel, and has been passed down through the family lineage to the third generation, now being run by the grandsons,” said Dinesh Premji Patel, CEO of Warren Concrete Ltd. “We have now managed to build the business to become a company of its own.”

Quality and efficiency has been at the heart of this transition, seeing the company continuously revamp itself over the years. “The early 90’s witnessed the company open up a branch  in Uganda, Stone Concrete Ltd, with a similar  business structure as Warren Concrete (K), said Dinesh. The company focuses on quarrying and manufacture of precast products.

A major priority in the expansion has been implementing the latest technologies and utilizing the most me doers and effective machinery.

“Good and efficient equipments is of such high importance to the company, hence we use European solid machineries, coming from Denmark and Germany,” remarked Mr. Dinesh.” “This has seen us move from just two machines at the beginning to 30 now, ensuring the delivery of quality services and products.”

The exponential growth that the company has experienced over the years has not, however, come without its fair share of challenges. “Duplication of licenses in the government departments and acquiring skilled labour are problems we constantly encounter,” said Mr. Dinesh.  This coupled with the transportation hurdles that the company meets every day, greatly affect business.

But “we are only more inspired by being part of the Top 100 Small Medium Enterprises (SME’s) for the second time running, in addition to being the best manufacturing company in Kenya,” said Mr. Dinesh.

The company is now the leading suppliers of concrete tiles in Kenya, in addition to being the second to Bamburi Cement Kenya in the manufacture of building blocks. Warren Concrete now supplies  70 per cent of contractors in Nairobi, and is currently  working on more innovative ways and looking at various options of bringing new products into the market.

For companies looking to follow in their footsteps, Dinesh emphasizes that one important factor is quality. “Believe in the uniqueness and quality of your product without compromising on the price of the products, despite what your competition may be selling the same   product for,” said Mr. Dinesh. After all, you get what you pay for.”

Source : Business Daily

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