Government has reported that the cost of electricity connection in the country may go up depending with the distance from a transformer. This was disclosed when energy stakeholders met at State House to give an update of the country’s energy status.  It (government) continued to highlight that the connectivity fee in the country for Kenyans living within 600 metres away from a transformer still stands at KES15, 000.

Speaking at the summit, Energy Cabinet Secretary Charles Keter reiterated that the government plans to connect all Kenyans to the national grid is on course under the last mile connectivity programme, with a pledge to reduce power charges.

The project aims to support government’s initiatives of ensuring increased electricity access to Kenyans. In the programme, existing distribution transformers are expected to be exhausted to the maximum through extension of low voltage network to reach households lying within transformers protections distance. In addition a new distribution system will be installed to increase new customer connections.

The transmission expansion component of the project seeks to build and enhance the transmission infrastructure, thereby increasing access to electricity in rural areas in Kenya. The programme will involve the extension of 132 kV transmission lines and associated substations to priority areas in order to reduce the current high energy losses caused by the overloading of the system.

Presently only 10,000 number of households have been connected to the Last Mile project to the grid over a year. Meanwhile, 14,000 primary schools have been connected to the power line as Government plans to add an extra 794 kilometers of transmission line to enhance reliability of power.
In the period between June 2013 and June 2016, the Government connected 2.2 million households to power, reaching about 12 million Kenyans according to Kenya Power, Managing Director Ben Chumo.

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