multimedia university develops electronics tracking system for laptops
A Graduate of multimedia university develops electronics tracking system for laptops

Apart from the tracking services, the system also allows users to advertise their devices for sale, share or transfer the ownership of the device to another user. The innovator says the system, which was successfully piloted at the Multimedia University of Kenya, is aimed at helping the government secure laptops and tablets being rolled out in primary schools across the country. To make it more secure and reliable, the young innovator is working on a police module to incorporate security agencies and help police officers trace real owners of gadgets found in possession of thieves.

Kelvin Kariuki
Kelvin Kariuki, a Bachelor of Science in Computer Technology graduate has come up with an electronic tracking system that promises to prevent theft of electronic gadgets such as laptops and phones, especially in campuses.

“The online system gives users ability to create an account and register their electronic devices using their passport photo, ID and serial number. The registration gives one online ownership of their device and helps them to easily prove to anyone that they are the genuine owners of the item,” Kariuki says.

He adds that the system uses a bar code reader to scan the serial number of the lost machine.

“If a device was stolen from institution A and has been sold at institution B, an email or SMS notification will be sent to the original owner if another user attempts to register this device under his or her account or if it is searched at any institutions exit point,” he explains.

“The buyer will also be notified that the device they are trying to register is already registered and might have been stolen,” he adds. According to the innovator, the system is fitted with a gate module that helps in restricting free use and exit of a stole device from any institution or company.

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