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A company in a recession economy operates in Darwinian conditions: only the healthiest and the fittest survive.


In order to make it engineering, companies big and small need to trim away the fat weighing down their profit margins. And nothing can slim down a company faster than outsourcing your Computer Aided Design (CAD) Drafting needs.

Hiring a CAD drafting company is not unlike hiring a personal trainer. It’s an investment that will help boost your performance, and in this economy, maintain your competitiveness in the long run. The amount of money you will save by hiring a CAD drafting company is undeniable.

By outsourcing your staff, you can cut down on salary costs, and eliminate benefit packages. You no longer have to worry about paying an employee to go on vacation, or shell out additional money for health benefits. The outsourcing company takes care of it all, and human resources department will probably thank you.

Cutting down on people also means saving on operational costs. You can lease a smaller space, or work from home if drafting is not a core part of your business.

Drafting and 3D modeling often require expensive software and equipment. Even if you get more projects, just scaling up to accommodate to the additional business will prompt you to hire more staff, in turn requiring you to purchase additional licenses and equipment. All of this can eat your bottom line.

But perhaps the biggest benefit lies in the amount of time hiring a CAD drafting company will give you.
By outsourcing your drafting services, you limit the time spent managing people, and focus more on maintaining and sourcing new business. Cutting down on expenses also means you can offer flexible and competitive prices, a must in this economy where construction and engineering has taken a huge hit.

Having a company that works on projects round the clock also reduces turnaround time, allowing you to produce results that are much faster without having to add more people or pay overtime. The money you save by outsourcing can be spent by investing in better employees, improving client relations, and even raising pay. You can expand your business, both at home and overseas, something that doesn’t often happen in this economy.

Outsourcing, in a way, is a lot like healthy eating. It’s a lifestyle change, not some crash diet or a fad. You need to work with the right vendors, who constantly work on adjusting to your company’s needs.

That way, you gain all the muscles, with zero fat.


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