On November 24, the Institution of Engineers of Kenya (IEK) held end year dinner with the theme ‘professional ethics among engineers’. The event held at Sarova Panafric was attended by various engineering disciplines and firms.

To begin with, APEX Steel made a presentation on their new deformed bars that have currently been supplied to iconic projects namely the Thika Road Highway and the Standard Gauge Railway. Another product is the bartec coupler, a mechanical splicing solution that guarantees a 100% bar break performance.

The guest speaker, Bishop Dr. David Oginde who is an architect gave a presentation on integrating ethics in professional practice among engineers. Commenting on leadership, he said that it has been associated with pollution and anyone who consumes the position of leadership is a leader, adding that leaders come in different phases but do they provide leadership?

“So what is required in a leader and who is a leader and are moral virtues antecedents for a successful professional practice?” He asked. “Studies have shown there is a connection between integrity, morality and success in anything. Men and women who uphold integrity and morals tend to succeed in anything that they are in,” he added.

Dr. Oginde expressed concerns on how Lenana road was constructed and how the contract was awarded. “The road was redone and by the time the contractor left ground, two potholes had already emerged making the road more dangerous to drive on causing accidents among motorists.” He challenged the level of professionalism adhered to in its construction.

Prof. Gichaga, a member of IEK applauded the Institution for establishing the code of ethics. He said engineers are not only responsible for creating things for the society but also harnessing resources to benefit the society.

National Construction Authority also made a presentation on regulation, accreditation and licensing.


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