KenGen plans to roll out facilities for electric car charging systems in the country, as the electricity generating company prepares for a possible roll-out of electric Public Service Vehicles (PSVs). The company’s Strategy and Innovation Director David Muthike believes that KenGen is ready to support electric PSVs, and says the company is exploring possible manufacturing of electric charging systems.

“The case to have electric vehicles is there, and KenGen is ready to support that with renewable energy. On innovation, we are exploring to participate in manufacturing, and we have also rolled out charging infrastructure with a pilot within our premises,” a Business Daily Article quotes Muthike.

Muthike says the company already rolled out a pilot facility.

While electric cars are still a new phenomenon in the country, KenGen’s efforts will later generate revenue from electric car owners in the country. Currently, Kenya still has a few electric car charging points and only a handful of electric cars by the taxi service Nopia.

Kenya follows in the footsteps of Rwanda, which planned to set up 15 electric car charging stations in Kigali in partnership with Siemens. The country also planned to unveil a pilot fleet of 20 Volkswagen Golf electric cars.


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