German Embassy Green Economy Cycle (GEGEC) showcases Electric Mobility Vehicles and Solar Energy solutions.

Electric vehicles (EVs) promise to lower carbon footprint by reducing dependency on fossil fuel consumption by up to 70% leading to impressive savings for Kenyan drivers. A fully charged 2013 Nissan Leaf offers up to 180Km driving range while the 2019 model offers over 200Km. As the technology evolves, the vehicles are able to travel further and further with relatively low charge costs. A comparative study done by Knights Energy shows that the annual energy cost of a Nissan Leaf is 45% of the Nissan Advan for 11,005Km. In addition, electric vehicles have limited need for change of parts during service comparative to the KES7,500 fossil fuel based drivers spend ever 5,000KM.

The German Embassy Green Economy Cycle (GEGEC) in collaboration with The Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Kenya (AHK) have led a site visit for Electrical Mobility in Kenya at the Missionary Benedictine Sisters, Sacred Heart Priory in Karen. The visit saw 33 attendees drawn from the Kenyan private energy sector, renewable energy proponents, leading car manufacturers, representatives from Kenya Power (the dominant electricity supplier in the country) and government energy sector policy makers given a demonstration of existing energy efficient solutions at the priory showcasing German technology implemented by Knights Energy.

The location of the event was also not by random chance. The priory boasts a 100KW solar power plant on the grounds and a functional biogas project which is the primary source of cooking gas capable of cooking for up to 100 people. A combination of the solar power plant and the biogas facility are a leading cause of savings and increased self-sustainability.

Finally, Strathmore Energy Research Centre (SERC) were on hand to display the Solar E-Cycle prototype which is aimed at making low distance urban travel more efficient. The current model of the cycle looks more, and perhaps will be a welcome replacement for Tuk Tuk’s (Auto Rickshaw) which are popular in urban areas as a means of short distance travel.


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