PUM Kenya mission
PUM provides direct support to individual companies and institutes in developing countries and emerging markets.

The Dutch government provides support to encourage business cooperation between Kenya and the Netherlands. PUM Netherlands Senior Experts is one of its business instruments.

Experienced entrepreneurs and professionals from the Netherlands present a perfect opportunity for SMEs in Kenya to expand their business. Our Vision is: Vibrant Business, Better Lives.

For almost 40 years, PUM Netherlands senior experts have been sharing expertise and knowledge on a voluntary basis with entrepreneurs all over the world across many economic sectors.
The focus lies on the areas of Food Security, Trade & Industry, Services and Health & Environment.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that cannot afford commercial consultants, may turn to PUM for advice. The assessment from a fully independent Dutch senior expert in Kenya offers the opportunity for business development as well as enhanced competitiveness by connection to the latest techniques and methodologies. The PUM expertise aims to make a sustainable long-term impact. One mission typically takes 2 weeks. In addition, promoting trade, PUM provides Business Link programs in The Netherlands for Kenyan entrepreneurs.

The SME eligibility criteria are:
1) in existence for over 2 years
2) between 10 and 250 employees
3) 100% privately owned
4) less than 10 Million Euro turnover per annum, and balance sheet value.

During the mission, PUM covers the airline ticket and consultancy fee. The client addresses bed & board for the PUM expert during his visit.

PUM has been active in Kenya since 1989. Requests for support have been most numerous, mainly from the sectors Farming & Dairy Processing, Food & Beverages Production, Agri – & Horticulture and Business Support. Locally we have established partnerships with technical and financial institutes.

For your application, kindly contact your Representative Booker at omole.booker@pum.nl

PUM connects entrepreneurs in developing countries and emerging markets with senior experts from the Netherlands who gained at least 30 years of experience in a business environment. These senior experts voluntarily devote their knowledge to execute short-term, solid consultancy projects on the work floor. Since its establishment in 1978, PUM has become Europe’s largest ‘job agency’ for professional volunteers who wish to share their expertise with their counterparts in developing countries and emerging markets.

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