In terms of speed, Kenyans are way ahead than the rest of Africa. More than one-third of the population enjoys 4G internet services at an affordable price and the 3G subscription rate was estimated to be 85%.

You can play and bet on Betway anytime you want, and you can bet on lucky numbers with Betway as well. That does sound a good reason to get started on Betway, right? We aren’t going to talk about that though. Instead, we will talk about how Kenya has made accessing internet so affordable for all.

How are they doing it?

In terms of mobile usage, Kenya is dominating the continent of Africa with 91 percent Kenyans optimally using smartphones and internet subscriptions to make transactions on the go. The estimated number of internet users in Kenya grew to 37.7M last quarter and what’s more, is that most of them are enjoying the benefits offered through the internet via reasonably priced smartphones.

A few years back, if you wanted to buy a good smartphone in Kenya, it would probably cost you $200 (20,000 Shillings). However, in recent years, the cost of smartphones, along with internet connections and many electronic gadgets have drastically decreased.

So, what’s the reason behind this sudden slash of prices?

Why are Smartphones Budget-friendly in Kenya?

The reason behind Kenya’s sudden and rapid acquisition of smartphones and electronics is the entrance of the Chinese brands in the Kenyan market. Brands like Oppo, Xiaomi, Huawei, Lenovo, and Tecno are coming up with newer, trendier models of smartphones, at cheaper rates to outdo each other.

The result of this rivalry among the Chinese providers is affordable and better internet services and smartphones for the people in Kenya.

Global Effect

Not only in Kenya but Chinese competitors that offer just as much (probably even more) as big dogs like Samsung and Nokia have forced these companies to slash down their prices in order to compete with the Chinese brands.

According to research by Jumia, the average amount spent by Kenyans on smartphones was $185 in 2014 but has dramatically come down to $86 since the Chinese competitors have entered the market.

A great example to depict the affordable internet and smartphones would be the Kenyan farmers.


Due to the affordable price of 4G or 3G internet along with the Chinese smartphones, farmers in Kenya are now able to treat their animals. Recently, a farmer, Titus Rono treated his cow by performing a test for mastitis simply by watching a ‘how-to’ video online.

The price of internet connections, along with smartphones has come down twice the amount the Kenyans paid a few years ago.

So, for what reason are Kenyans suddenly leaning towards smartphones other than low prices?

Social Awareness

In recent years, the Kenyan community is vastly using social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and so on. Statistics show that almost 70 percent of people in Kenya are active on social media platforms. An average Kenyan user spends about 3 hours per day using these popular social media platforms, this is a result of the declining costs of mobile data plans.

Through the accessibility to affordable gadgets from China, and even more affordable internet connections, Kenya now has the highest number of internet users from smartphones in the continent of Africa.

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