Wreford Momanyi is a fifth year student pursuing Electrical and Electronic engineering at the University of Nairobi. He is the Chairman of the Engineering Student Association (ESA) who succeeded Kevin Odongo. He is a simple, God-fearing and ever-jovial gentleman passionate about power systems and automation. This is what he had to say as a leader and a wannabe engineer. ESA is a professional body solely mandated to seek and create industrial linkages for engineering students and enhance professional growth and development.

Q: What inspired you to take Electrical Engineering?

A: I was inspired by the constant need for more efficient and reliable power and communication systems. The world is in the era of remote automation and application (app) development thereby bringing the need for more reliable and secure communication networks and data systems.

Q: What is your vision as the ESA chairman?

A: My vision is to stimulate the admission of more members and to create a platform where members draw maximum benefit from ESA through networking and exposure to industry activities and also make ourselves influential to the community.

Q: What have you achieved so far and how far are you from realizing your vision?

A: Since the new team got into office, ESA has organized three very important career talks. One is ESA Summer Tournament, high school mentorship at Moi Girls Nairobi and a Tullow Oil Talk. We look forward to organizing more industrial visits, having the AGM, ESA Diner and ESA Open Day in the course of the year.

Q: During the ESA elections you became Chairman unopposed. This is a rare case. Did you intimidate your opponents or what actually transpired?

A: He laughs (Haha…) there was no intimidation. All positions are open to anyone as stipulated in the constitution.  Actually, am humbled by the opportunity to go unopposed. It shows the confidence and trust by the engineering students. It even gives me a greater sense of responsibility to serve them and not to let them down.

Q: What do you do during your free time?

A: I watch movies, do poetry, catch up with friends and family and read inspirational books.

Q: What is your parting shot to young people who aspire to be engineers?

A: Be bold, confident and specific in what you want to achieve. Let discipline and reputation be your mirror. Have people you look up to, but let them not be your limit. Engineers are key to the development of any society and shall always be relevant. Apart from working hard in class, always seek to develop yourself socially, spiritually and economically. Have a life!!

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