Pursuant to Section 90 and Section 116(B) of the Customs and Excise Act, CAP 472 of the Laws of Kenya, Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) wishes to inform the general public that the companies listed herein below have been duly licensed to manufacture or registered to import excisable goods specified in this notice. 


Further, all wholesalers, retailers and other outlets including consumers are reminded to purchase or offer for sale excisable goods from the duly licenced manufacturers and registered importers only. Kindly note that it is an offence under Section 185(1) (d) (iii) of the aforementioned Act to be in possession, purchase or consume excisable goods manufactured or imported or sold by unlicensed persons. 

Any manufacturers or importers not listed herein below are not authorized to manufacture, import or sell excisable goods in accordance with notifications earlier sent to them. 

All manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, other outlets and consumers are informed that the manufacture or possession of unexcisable goods constitutes an offence under   Section 90, Section 116(B) and Section 191 of the Act as read together with the Customs and Excise (Excisable Goods Management System) Regulations, 2013, and any goods in respect of the offence shall be seized and destroyed at the offenders’ cost. 

Details of updated licensed manufacturers and registered importers of the excisable goods for the year 2015 may be obtained from our website at: www.kra.go.ke 

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