The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) and the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) has indicated that over 80 per cent of public and private entities have ICT infrastructure including computers and Internet connectivity, making operations and business easier. The survey shows that public and private businesses have embraced ICT in offering services and use it in every day operations.

According to the study, a number of public institutions were found to have an active website, use social media applications, and use cloud computing services, an indication that the government is using innovation to improve service delivery.

This is the first ever ICT enterprise report released in Kenya showing the extent of access to and use of ICT services in private enterprises and public institutions.
The survey conducted between February and May 2016 sought to assess the availability of ICT infrastructure and their applications in enterprises and public institutions, measure the usage of e-commerce in enterprises and availability of e-government services in public institutions.

It also sought to establish the existence of ICT policies and generate national level ICT baseline indicators for both enterprises and public institutions.
The Public Institutions ICT Survey 2016 covered 1,030 entities from Ministries and Departments within the National and County Governments, State Corporations, learning institutions, Hospitals (level 4 and 5) to Constitutional Commissions and Independent offices.

On the other hand, the Enterprise ICT Survey 2016 covered all economic activities from 4,000 private enterprises except Agricultural, forestry and fishing where only horticultural enterprises were included.

Comparatively, the study shows that a higher proportion of enterprises had Internet connectivity and intranet compared to public institutions with Local Area Network, cloud computing and presence of website more prevalent in the public institutions than in enterprises.

Additionally, a higher proportion of Public institutions had ICT management polices in place compared to enterprises. The next ICT survey for public institutions and enterprises will be carried out in 2018.

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