Kenya Urban Roads Authority is set to roll out the installation of Nairobi Intelligent Transport System (ITS), the first in East and Central Africa complete with Traffic Management Centre which entails a system that controls traffic in real time including video surveillance, traffic actuated controllers and e-police which monitors violations.This project is expected to instill and enforce both attitude and behavioral change among road users in the City and eliminate traffic congestion at junctions.

The first phase of the ITS project is currently on going which includes installation with modern traffic signalization systems, video surveillance and traffic counters in seven junctions along Nairobi Western Ring Road Kilimani and is expected to come live in the next two weeks.

‘We anticipate reduced human interface in control of traffic at our intersections and drastic change in driving behaviour among motorists as traffic offenders will have no option but pay fines when going against traffic rules,’ Said Eng Sila Kinoti Director General Kenya Urban Roads Authority. He added that with close collaboration from the Traffic Police, NAMATA, NTSA, KRA, Nairobi County Government and the Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development it will be easier to identify the traffic offenders.With all these actors working together, traffic offenders will have no other option than to obey traffic rules thus increasing safety and efficiency of movement in Nairobi roads.

The Traffic Management Centre (TMC) will house a team of traffic engineers, system specialists, traffic police officers and County traffic controllers who will monitor on continuous real timebasis. The TMC will also have facilities for emergency services.

The Authority is preparing for the implementation of phase two in Nairobi for the next five years.We are targetingto roll out the next 100 junctions by March, 2018. The project is part of Nairobi Urban Transport Improvement Program (NUTRIP) which will costs Ksh. 1.4 billion and funded by World Bank and the Government of Kenya with KURA being the implementing agency.

The system has components on e-enforcement measures such as violation of traffic lights and speed limit. The country loses over kshs.200 billion every year in the city due to traffic congestion. The ITS project is one of the solutions intended to end traffic congestion within the city and will put Nairobi on the path to joining world’s smart cities. Other programs include the dualling and upgrading of current roads, completion of Missing Links, improvement of junctions, introduction of Rapid Bus Transport (RBT) and development of Non-Motorized Transport (NMTs).


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