Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and South Sudan are discussing on liberalization of one air space area in its new aviation plan. The four countries that now operate within the Northern Corridor Summit after separating from the East African Community will help save Kenya Airways from arising problems such as high ticketing.

According to a report from a local daily, officials in the aviation authorities and directors from the four countries are negotiating to have an open regional air space policy. This will see Rwanda Air and Kenya Airways be the only two operational national carriers in the four countries leading to high business opportunities. The two will also operate in Uganda and South Sudan.

The liberalization process will help reduce fares and increase flexibility in travelling. It will also classify flights between the four countries as domestic and allow use of national identification card as a travel document to ease movement within the bloc.
Kenya Airways has been on the rocks after it announced plans to sell four of its older planes to raise cash after posting losses.  The airline characterized its losses to increased travel advisories and runway closures for renovation consuming the company’s 2014/2015 full-year earnings.

The airline’s management that has been appearing before the Senate Select Committee was accused of poor management decisions, operational inefficiencies and failure to counter competition. The committee also exposed that the airline operations were caused by strategic errors.

In August 2015, the national carrier had a code sharing agreement with China Southern Airlines, which allowed it to fly passengers to Guangzhou after which it would transfer them to the Chinese airline for domestic connections.

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