Commercial kitchen solution provider Sheffield Africa on 26th September officially launched steam based cooking into the East African market. The two day event brought together stakeholders from various institutions and establishments who are in need of bulk cooking. These include community centers, academic institutions, healthcare institutions, NGOs and army canteens.

The event which took place at the Sheffield Africa Training Academy involved practical demonstrations of the steam cooking system and its benefits to users and the environment. Participants were taken through the advantages that this new system brings over conventional cooking methods such as firewood and LPG gas.

The steam cookers that were launched consist of two main parts, the steam generator and the cooking vessels. The steam generator, also called a boiler, converts water into steam and injects the same into the vessels at regulated pressure for cooking.

The cooking vessels are connected in a row and receive pressurized steam from the boiler for cooking of food. These vessels are of two types; the direct injection vessels and the double jacketed vessels.

The direct injection vessels allow the steam to get in contact with the food being cooked and are usually used for cooking food stuff such as steamed rice, vegetables and potatoes.

The double jacketed vessels do not allow the steam to come in contact with the food being cooked. These vessels are meant for cooking of food which require addition of oil and spices where direct steaming would be inappropriate.

Steam based cooking systems are much quicker than conventional firewood based cooking systems which is a common means of cooking in Kenya. They are more efficient and preserve more nutrients in food while eliminating the dangers of wood smoke.

The risk of kitchen fires is also considerably reduced with the use of steam based systems because there is no direct fire. The system also easy to clean and maintain as it is entirely made of  food safe , 304 stainless steel grade.

Sheffield Africa has partnered with Rajalakshmi, an Indian company with over 50 years experience in manufacturing of steam boilers and vessels to install the Steam Based Systems in Kenya.

Present at the event was the Managing Director of Sheffield Africa, Mr. Suresh Kanotra together with the Chairman of Rajalakshmi  Mr.  M.S. Ragavendra   among other invited guests.


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