Cabinet Secretary for Land, Housing and Urban Development Prof Jacob Kaimenyi has directed professionals involved in the building and construction industries to strictly adhere to the building code, lest they face arrest and prosecution.

He said adherence to the code will help contractors stop incidents of buildings collapsing. “The Government will take to court all professionals found culpable whenever a public or private building collapses due to professional negligence,” he said.

The Cabinet Secretary was addressing participants when he officially opened the 23rd Kenya Homes Expo held at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre.

He urged banks and real estate managers to provide packages for majority of Kenyans in the low income bracket. “Over 70 per cent of Kenyan workers earn below Ksh25,000 hence it will be impossible for them to own their dream house in their lifetime if the current schemes and interest rates prevail,” he observed.

Prof Kaimenyi disclosed that the Ministry had recommended to the National Treasury and the Kenya Investment Authority a raft of incentives, for inclusion in the Finance Bill. These incentives are meant to make housing more affordable and encourage private sector to provide onsite infrastructure.


Some of the proposals include:


  • Tax deductibility for expenditures for social infrastructure such as public access roads, water supply, sewage and power; 
  • Zero rating of inputs under Import Duty: EPS boards, which are beads, Strands (wires) galvanised steel wire and expandable polystyrene beads; 
  • Increasing the percentage of allowable deduction against the taxable income of the employer subject to the houses being offered at cost. 
  • Reviewing downwards the fees charged by the National Construction Authority (NCA). 


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