Telecoms operator, Orange and Greenlight Plant, a US company that delivers affordable energy to off-grid consumers, have signed a partnership to provide clean, safe and affordable solar lighting lamps.  The solar lamps will be distributed to Kenyan homes that have limited access to electricity, through solar lamps with USB charging mechanism and combined sale of discounted mobile phones.Orange’s partnership aims at tapping customers locked out of the national grid.

This will increase the number of customers having internet enabled devices to enable it diversify its revenue towards data. Under the partnership, Orange is launching a product bundle that incorporates a mobile handset with a Sun King solar for a discounted price. The solar lamp partnership will enable Orange consumers light up their homes, charge their phones and access information from various modes like books and electronic mass media.

Greenlight   Planet’s solar lamps, dubbed , ‘Sun King’ comes with a 2-year warranty, is available in Orange Kenya retail outlets, range in price from  KES 1,000-KES 3,600 and pay for themselves in less than six months compared with the usual cost of kerosene.  It provides light that is 15 times brighter than normal lantern lamps.

They can be sold as either standalones or bundled with Orange mobile phone. The combined solar and phone package cost from KES 3,899-KES 8,799.The standalone  solar devices will cost  KES 2,900 for the Sun King Mobile, KES 3,700 for the Sun King Pro2 ,and KES 7,800 for the  Sun King Home. The bundled handset will be data-enabled, thus increasing access to data services by Orange subscribers.

NB/: Over 3 million people in the rural areas have benefited from affordability and durability of the lamps. At Least 73 per cent of Kenyans live within 1km of a power transformer while only 18 per cent are connected to the grid. Majority of people not connected to the national grid live in rural areas.

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