Technical University of Mombasa (TUM) has joined the world in efforts against global warming by embarking on training refrigeration technicians on handling the latest version of refrigerators.

The latest refrigerators, rated the most environmental friendly gadgets, use hydrocarbon refrigerant (the liquid that cools the temperatures inside) which has no effect on the environment thus protecting the ozone layer.

TUM’s attempts are aimed at making technicians compliant to the latest technological advancement as at the moment, most of the gadgets still use the refrigerant R134, which depletes the ozone layer, consumes more energy apart from making the refrigerators have noise effect.

The training which was organized by the Medical Engineering Department attracted 22 participants from the hotel, refrigerators manufacturers and the corporate world.
Germany-based GIZ proklima purchased and donated a Hotpoint Manufacturer Hydrocarbon fridge for training and strengthening collaboration.  
Departmental head Joel Sabore, lecturers John Wambua and Steven Mwangi, who supervised the two-day refresher course from September 13-15, 2016 received and briefed the Acting Vice Chancellor Prof Laila Abubakar on the training when she officially closed the event.

TUM aims at increasing the number of technicians capable of dealing with refrigerants from Air, Water, Carbon Dioxide, Ammonia and Hydrocarbons are the most natural efficient and environmentally safe. 

Sabore said: “Hydrocarbon Refrigerants that are natural, nontoxic, have no ozone depleting properties and energy saving making them environmentally safe and efficient. They are the most recommended for minimal global warming.”
“Hydrocarbon Refrigerants can save as much as 54% of the energy required for air-conditioning systems which accounts 60 % of the electricity energy consumed generally in many buildings” said Sabore.

Laila said the initiative is part of TUM’s goal of remaining on the lead in innovation and technology through complying with the technological advancements.
“Such trainings are only there to affirm our position and main goal of taking a lead in technology by being complying with the dynamics in technological advancement, ” she said.

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