Jacobs Engineering SA (JESA) is organizing the first international symposium, “Engineering Symposium for Africa” (https://www.esa-symposium.com) around the theme of “Engineering and Innovative Technologies for Sustainable Development in Africa” in Marrakesh on Thursday, May 21st, 2015.


This international event will feature high-level speakers: renowned experts, figures in politics, economy and finance, decision-makers in the fields of mining, industry and sustainability, besides representatives from development funding agencies.

This unique event that targets engineering and innovative technology is a concentration of influential African engineering players.

The highly developed program aims to carefully analyse the challenges faced by African countries mainly increased urbanization, energy deficit, water access problems, skills reinforcement, global economy, etc.

The various plenary meetings as well as the scheduled workshops will illustrate the way engineering and innovative technologies can be drivers for sustainable growth in a continent full of opportunities.

Aside from this event, B-to-B meetings are also planned. The participants will therefore be able to benefit from a platform for discussions on useful and innovative engineering and will get the opportunity to forge business relationships.

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