In a bid to  embrace renewable  energy and avoid over-dependence on sources of power that are harmful to the environment., Kenya is developing a multi- billion shilling solar project that will be the largest in East Africa.The KES49.6 billion project will be spearheaded by the government through the Tana and Athi Rivers development in collaboration with Ultra Clean Energy Solutions Limited and Hitachi India.


The solar project will be implemented in Kiambere and Tana Delta within the next three years. The power produced is expected to injected into the national grid as it is expected to produce close to 320MW. ” The integrated solar programme will be implemented in the next three years.” said TARDA Managing Director Steven Ruimuku.

With 200,000 solar panels being set up in 800 hectares of land, the project is expected to resolve the issues of land degradation and strengthen regional developments. The project is further expected to help improve food security in the country.The use of solar energy energy is welcomed in the country as it has  high insolation rates with an average of 5-7 peak sunshine hours and receives an average daily insolation of 4-6kwh/m2. Only 10 -14 per cent of this energy can be converted into electricity due to the conversion efficiency of PV modules.The government has promised a conducive environment for investors in the renewable energy sector in order to meet its country demand in electricity.

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