The new KEBS regulation that was implemented effective 1st. April 2017 prohibits the manufacture and sale of twisted bars in Kenya for building construction. This quite simply means that square twisted steel which was not scientifically correct will no longer be available in hardware shops within Kenya. 

Deformed Bars also known as Ribbed Bars are now making their way to Hardware shops all over Kenya. However the critical aspect that even in deformed bars; one must be careful to ensure the steel being purchased is within the KEBS allowable tolerance limits. 

APEX STEEL is the only company in the region that manufacturers Deformed Bars – BS: 4449 – 2005; GRADE 500+ that conforms to ISO 6935-2 since the past decade. It has many ‘firsts’ to its credit. It’s the first company to get the KEBS certification and subsequently the ‘Diamond Mark’ of Quality. It took the leadership in selling its steel by weight than ‘number of pieces’ just so that the customer was paying for what they got in the steel as there are ‘allowable tolerances’ as approved by KEBS. Apex Steel demonstrated its confidence in the quality of the steel it manufactured and went on to brand its steel since 2006. Every one meter of the rod bears its name APEX TMX; it also indicated the Grade and the diameter on this rod. 

Apex Steel’s appetite to engage in continuous improvement of its product and processes led it to become the first company to have its manufacturing processes ‘LEED’ certified; making it the only steel that qualifies for ‘Green Buildings’. 

Apex Steel is also the first company to have a ‘state-of-the-art’ in-house testing facility to test the manufacture of steel with regular and consistent testing of the manufactured steel. As a consequence of these credits; APEX TMX is considered ‘EAST AFRICA’s Choice’ and this earned it the prestigious status of being recognized as a ‘SUPERBRAND’ for four consecutive years in a row.       

For the benefit of end users; the table above illustrates the sizes of steel and it’s standard weights as per the global standards of BS: 4449 – 2005 for Grade 500+ steel that is KEBS certified. 

All steel manufactured by Apex Steel conforms to the length and weight of KEBS norms; consistently.  

Apex TMX is also the only manufacturer within the region who manufacturers D 40mm. Hence for multi storied projects with deep running basements; high rise buildings and complex structures; Dams and Infrastructure projects; Structural Engineers have the flexibility to design it with D 40mm.   

A few years ago; Apex Steel introduced ‘Cut and Bend’ services and several projects now are subscribing to this arrangement. ‘Cut and Bend’ steel – cut and bent as per the Bar Bending Schedule (BBS) ensures minimum or no wastage and not only reduces cost; but fastens the project and customized and precise steel is delivered to site. Recently it has scored yet another first to introduce Bartech Couplers which is an efficient alternative to the ‘overlap’ for projects.

Apex Steel continues to be the leader in bringing innovation and pioneer the availability of world class manufacturing locally.

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